Wesley Cavins ( Writer – Director – Producer, Searing Cinema )


Wes began directing and producing feature films from his own screenplays at the age of 17, including the films SHARP OBJECTS and SUBURBAN DECAY. He completed the feature film BEHIND YOU in 2004, by the age of 23, under the production company name of Fierce Filmworks.

While studying film production at Jacksonville State University and later working in Los Angeles at Explore Talent, Wes spent the better part of his 20’s writing and developing film properties as assets for his production company; low budget independent films as well as high budget major studio films.

In 2009, Wes rebuilt his production company as Searing Cinema, an independent film production company focusing on the development, financing, production and sales of original feature films for an international audience.

The company supports green technology by utilizing its online production system for every phase of the film production process.

Searing Cinema is currently in production on the feature film ‘Glass Talons of the Iridescent Raven‘ and fielding distribution offers.