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The Bayou - ( Horror / Suspense / Thriller )

The coastal wetlands of Louisiana cover 70,000+ acres.
Eighty percent of that area is inaccessible by vehicle.
Seventy percent is inaccessible by boat.
Hundreds of species thrive in it's ecosystem.
The region is patrolled by 15 wildlife enforcement agents.
Monitored by only 5 wildlife department research staff.

Many disappearances and fatailities occur within the swamps
each year.

Many of them are unexplained.

Avalyn is new on the job, a rookie of the Louisiana Wildlife
Enforcement Agency, after being transferred in from out of state.
Garrett grew up in swamp country, becoming an LWE Agent after
failing to escape his small town trappings. Garrett is a week into
training Avalyn when they are tasked with escorting a biologist,
from the Louisiana Wildlife Department's research staff, into the
bayou for field research.

After releasing tagged gators deep in the swamp, they become lost
while investigating what is possibly a large gator nest. A tropical storm
moves in just as they realize they are not alone.

The local legend of wetland poachers is starting to seem all too real.


Do you listen to music when you're reading a good book? Something
to set the tone of the book?

Concept albums have been around for a while, but a few albums
have been popping up over the years as scores to movies that do not
actually exist. There's a story summary, but nothing beyond a few
paragraphs explaining what the movie might be about, if it did exist.

What if that movie existed in the form of a book?
With a score to go along with it?

Welcome to The Bayou.

A harrowing horror thriller set deep in the backwaters of America's
most notorious wetlands. Accompanied by an expertly crafted
score that, when paired with the book, puts the reader neck deep in
this dark descent into mother nature's nightmare.
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“Finished reading The Bayou last week. I've had nightmares about it every night since.”
“Wesley Cavins, somehow, is able to scrape the ocean floor of the human psyche. And from there, drill holes into the neurons that trigger fear.”
“The Bayou is TERRIFYING, even in the middle of a bright sunny day at the park.”
“There is a place scarier than hell itself. That place is The Bayou.”