Gaffer (Chief Lighting Tech)

Hallowed Ground – Feature Film

Director: Miles Doleac

Writer: Miles Doleac

Stars: Lindsay Anne Williams, Sherri Eakin, Miles Doleac

Historia Films, 2018


I served as Gaffer on this feature in July of 2018. Shot on location in Hattiesburg, MS. Duties included hoisting 6 x 6 diffusion frame for a 1200w HMI on a combo riser, building a Dracast led luggage rack mount rig, exterior 750w source 4’s, 650w+ CTO flicker box rig w/ scrims, and skirted chinese lantern. Plus, rigging 2ft four bank Kinoflos, and overhead Flexlight LED’s, in addition to various flags, cutters, bounces and hanging visqueen & duvetyne for day for night setups.





Behind the scenes: