SuperCool – Feature Film

Director: Teppo Airaksinen

Writers: Olli Haikka, Ali Moussavi

Stars: Jake Short, Miles J. Harvey, Damon Wayans Jr.

SuperCool Film LLC, 2019


I served as Grip on set of this tier 2 union feature in March of 2019. Shot on location in Mobile, AL. Duties included unloading and loading 10 ton plus shorty 40. Assisting Key Grip & Dolly Grip with an array of setups on set and striking. Pre-rigging ND on public street lamps from scissor lift. Rigging H2 with speedrail for Electric. Rigging camera to picture vehicle on H2 with suction mounts. Assisting Electric with rooftop Skypanel 180s, Condor rigging w/ m40’s m80’s and Skypanel 360, as well as set striking.


Behind the scenes: