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The Bayou - Official Companion Score

A harrowing horror novella set in the backwaters of America's most
notorious wetlands. Accompanied by an expertly crafted score that,
when paired with the book, puts the reader neck deep in this dark
descent into mother nature's nightmare.

Two Wildlife Enforcement Agents are tasked with escorting a
biologist, from the Agency’s research staff, into the bayou for field
research. They soon realize that they are not alone.
Original Release Date: TBD
Composer: TBA
Label: Searing Records
Copyright: 2014 Wesley Cavins
Total Length: 1:05:09
Genres: Literary Score, Horror
Also Includes: Digital Booklet
Music Produced By:
Dominique James
Record By:
Dennis Sullivan
Mixed By:
Kenneth Boon

The Bayou - Digital Score
Listen on your favorite device. Includes digital booklet.
The Bayou - CD + Digital
Audio CD plus digital copy. Also includes Digital Booklet.