Last year / a couple posts back I posted about a feature I had been putting together and pretty much finished developing with the script locked for production as far as I was concerned. I had a meeting with the producers and it was ultimately decided that it would have to be scaled back slightly to accommodate a lower budget.

Not a huge deal, but that would mean re-working the script and then updating / redoing all the development material to match the new script. I got to work on making the changes and it was coming along okay, but it was becoming a shell of would it deserves to be.

I decided to take some time off and if I couldn’t come up with anything better, I would move forward with the changes. I went out to scout a possible alternate location for the film when I was suddenly inspired by the location with an idea for a new story. And I knew instantly that I would be able to keep it scaled back to meet the requirements that I needed to achieve with Infernal.

This is where non-filmmakers are having trouble understanding my executive decision to switch films. I would have had to spend the same amount of time and the same amount of work finalizing Infernal for production.

In the time it would’ve taken to rework Infernal, I’ve already written the new script for the new film and I’ve got the development material finished to the same point Infernal was at:

Now we can film this one first and film Infernal next, the way it was meant to be filmed.

The title and plot are being kept classified until we officially announce it with a proper press release through the film industry trades. But I can promise you this: It’s gonna be scary as hell.

Until then, here are a couple more photos from the night I spent out at the location:

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