My friend and colleague Brandon Murphree is in the process of setting up an online shop for his Special Effects / Make-up Effects company Mad Science FX Studios. He recently worked on Victor Salva’s Dark House (pictured right) which was released back in March.

Currently, he’s got a production line of masks going, in various stages of fabrication . Here’s a few of snaps I that I stole from his instagram:

This mask is based on the new horror game ‘The Evil Within’ from Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil.
Follow him on Instagram for a continual behind-the-scenes look at his work:
He also takes orders by email through his instagram or facebook page:

Make sure to bookmark his site and keep an eye for it when it goes live:

Here are some sneak preview screenshots of the site :D

I have one of these myself. Best Jason Voorhees hockey mask I’ve ever seen.

Bonus Pic: A shot I took when we were working on a short film back in 2012.

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