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The official site for Searing Prose is now online. I needed a brand to release my books under, so I set it up as a launching platform for filmmakers and screenwriters to gain exposure for their projects through publishing. You can read about the inspiration behind it here.

I’m the only author there so far, but I’m talking to other filmmakers who have stories toiling in development limbo that they would like to find an outlet for.

I’ve got four titles listed under the books section of my own site, but there’s an additional as-yet-unannounced title that I added as the planned first and second releases on that site; the latter being ‘Slasher Claus.’

That one wasn’t actually being developed as a film. I go more into detail about it over at that site.

All the titles currently planned are horror for now. But there’s plenty of room for books in other genres.

If you’re on goodreads, visit the about page and Add SP as a friend, then join the group!

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