Wesley Cavins

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Mississippi Aquarium
Position: Producer, Asst. Director
Prod. Co.: Dapper Fox, FZ Prod.
Release Date: 9-22-21
Status: Now Playing
Rating: Unrated

About: I was brought on during prep to negotiate the shooting schedule with the aquarium staff, more specifically the trainers, because all of the wildlife had strenuous schedules around the clock and calendar that needed to be worked around while filming.

I was also tasked with hiring and recruiting additional crew, as well as coordinating all of the extras seen in the background on screen as most of the shoot was filmed in the early morning hours before the aquarium opened to the public.

Once our shooting schedule began, I also wore the assistant director hat, calling cadence and coordinating between director, crew, and extras.

Britton Webb (Daisy Jones & The Six)
Trent Dickens (Writer, Director, Producer)
Fouad Zayed (Cinematographer)
Katrina Kinder (1st AC)
Cher Foley / Casting the Coast (Extras Casting)
Official Web Site:   Mississippi Aquarium
The Commercial (Director's Cut)
Making Of / Behind the Scenes
Reppin' American Horror Story '84
Praying to the film gods
The Legendary Bill Webb of the MS Film Office
One example of the schedules we had to work around
Location Scout
Everyone in place for filming
Star of the show
2nd AC Holding down the camera cart
Staging / Holding
Prepping for main tank underwater shoot
Diver Support Team
Celebrity Star
The Location
Dolphin tricks on cue for camera
Background Action
Coaxing the Otters
Rigging Camera build for underwater housing
Checking playback
Giving notes to the talent
Serious Business
Behind the Scenes: Videos