Wesley Cavins

The Darkest Place
Pages: 95
Prod. Co.: Searing Cinema
Release Date: TBA
Status: Development
Genre: Dark Thriller
Rating: TBD
Logline: With another baby on the way, a married couple’s relationship becomes strained when their infant vanishes.
Producer's Note: The script was written for a lean budget with an A24 film tone.
Production Lookbook
The following are the first few reference stills from the production's development shotdeck to convey the tone and look of the film with screengrabs from random movies:
The Opening sequence of the film, set in a middle-upper class all-American suburban neighborhood.
The opening sequence leaves the audience in shock as it cuts to the title card.
The film's title card.
The family suffers a great loss.
A dark and gloomy day for a funeral.
"Two years later."
The new house in a new, calm, neighborhood.
Lunch at the Cafe.
Social Media
To be continued...