Wesley Cavins
Glass Talons of the Iridescent Raven
Position: Writer, Director, Producer
Status: Post-Production
Genre: Horror, Giallo
Prod. Co.: Searing Cinema
Release Date: TBA
Rating: TBD
Position Desc: This is my debut feature film that I wrote, directed, and produced. The project came about when I partnered with a producer, that worked for the Syfy and Lifetime channels, to produce this film. With the support of the local dance community in the gulf coast region, we were able to put together a “giallo” inspired film that incorporates dance choreography into a murder mystery. It was pitched as Scream meets Step Up since not many people were familiar with the Giallo subgenre.
Plot: As the biggest show in live entertainment on the Gulf Coast ramps up for production, prominent dancers from all over the country arrive for auditions.

While competing productions attempt to poach talent from each other, the dancers become friends in attempt to keep their enemies close. One will prove to be their greatest enemy of them all when the dancers are murdered one by one.
Sadie Hebert (A Haunting)
Miles Doleac (Renfield, The Magnificent Seven)
William E. Harris (Bill & Ted Face the Music)
Jeremy London (Party of Five, Mallrats)
Nathan O’Neil Smith (Get Out)
Jessica Harthcock (Ender’s Game, Daisy Jones & the Six)
Ryan Reineke (Five Nights at Freddies)
Manon Pages (Demigod, The Purge (Series))
Sara Oliver (Producer)
Julie Toche (Special Makeup Effects)
Dayton Douglass (Leadman)
Official Web Page:   Searing Cinema - Glass Talons
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Behind the Scenes
Making Of

The Crew (and Co-Star)
Key Mask Painted
Key Mask Finished
Set Dec Acquisition
Talent Scouting
Costume Acquisition
Traveling Cast & Crew
Special FX Gag Prep
Body Bag from Scream MTV Series
Makeup FX Gag Prep
Camera Blocking
Makeup FX Gag Prep
Stage Blocking
Art Dept / Waiting on Talent
Hospital BTS
Music Video Scene
Green Screen Day
Car Camera Mount
Emergency Services Night
Makeup FX Prep
Makeup FX / VFX Gag Kit
Costume Acquisition
Stunt Dummy from 'Salem' TV series
Locations & Art Mix up Police / Caution Tape
LEO Costuming
Pickup Shoot Day
VFX Test (Rough Cut)
Production Package
Location Scout
In Memory of Nathan Smith and Lauren Hannah.