Wesley Cavins
A Day Without Magic
Crew Position: Director, Producer
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Fantasy
Prod. Co.: A Girl and Her Goldfish
Release Date: 2018
Rating: Unrated
Desc: I was working with filmmaker Rachel Searcey on trying to finish Cedar Chest and Glass Talons in post production when this project came about and since mutual friends were involved who had also worked on Glass Talons, Rachel asked me to help with it. This was entirely her project and concept, she asked me to direct at the last minute so she could focus on being the Director of Photography. The budget raised was a kickstarter fund.

We had to wait until we were assigned our story elements before we could begin, then once Rachel, Katherine, and Sadie finished the script together I put together the shooting schedule. I mostly just ran the set to keep things on time while I was also Gaffer & Grip. I gave a few notes and adjustments as director but everyone pretty much made the project their own so I can't take much credit for it other than just doing my part to help. Everyone did a great job!
Plot: A young witch, Eliza, grows tired of her boring isolated life and decides to go out on her own for the first time. Along the way she helps a few people in need, as well as discovering something about herself.
Sadie Hebert (Glass Talons of the Iridescent Raven)
Katherine Grams (Glass Talons of the Iridescent Raven)
Darby matthews (Bill & Ted Face the Music)
Philip Lawrence (Beasts of the Southern Wild)
Marcia A Vega (Glass Talons of the Iridescent Raven)
Rachel Searcey (Writer, Producer, Director of Photography), Emily Ann Burns (as Emily Miller) (Boom op)
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Behind the Scenes
When the stands for the dana dolly didn't make it into the package

Production Meeting

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