Wesley Cavins

Apologies for the resolution, the original poster source is probably lost to time on a misplaced zip drive.
Sharp Objects
Position: Writer, Director, Producer
Status: Canceled
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Prod. Co.: Fierce Filmworks
Shoot Date: 1999
Rating: N/A
Plot: A group of friends gather at the isolated family home of one of their close friends, way out in the woods, for a birthday party while thier parents are away on vacation. As dark falls on the first night, a breaking news report warns of a serial killer train hopping through the state and headed for their area.
About the Production / Story: After my first attempt at making a feature fell apart in high school while filming, I was once again able to get access to a camera through a college friend, but only if he was the camera operator / only one to handle the camera. I had worked with an online friend on the 120 page script, sending it back and forth. My first draft was pretty terrible, but with some help, it evolved into a more serious story with really clever twists, plot points, and emotional story beats.

I recruited non-actor college friends and talked the parents of my childhood bestfriend to let us use their big house out in the middle of nowhere to film on the weekends. So we packed up all our friends and brought them all to the location for the first weekend just outside of my hometown, Cartersville, GA.

Yep, 2 hours from Atlanta, what is now the mecca of the film industry, but before film production even existed there. All they had a the time was CNN, Def Jam Records, Six Flags, and Stone Mountain.

Regardless, it quickly became apparent that no one was interested in actually making the film and used the opportunity to just have a weekend long house party because that seemed like way more fun than working. We did manage to film a few scenes that I cut the trailer together with, but ultimately it was a colossal failure.

Our first night there, filming in the woods, my bestfriend's dad comes flying through the woods at us in his truck, screeching to a halt. He throws us all in the back and hauls ass because apparently no one told the nearby grandparents we would be there, or shooting in their woods at night, and the grandfather was headed our way with a shotgun. Luckily, nothing happened.

Anyway, back to the story, it turns out that the parents never left, they're bodies are hidden in the house. The party was a trap to kill all the friends and the railway killer news was a convenient scapegoat as the railway killer never appears. A random hiker comes across the house and is quickly accused of being the railway killer, complicating things further.

More twists come when it's revealed that one of the friends only went to the house to kill one of the other friends that they had a vendetta against, and one of the friends there is a repressed psycho that is triggered by the events. Basically everyone tries to kill each other for one reason or another.

The story was inspired by the real life serial killer Ángel Maturino Reséndiz, dubbed "The Railroad Killer," that traveled across the country murdering random innocent people and evading capture by train hopping.
The Screenplay
This was not a Blair Witch reference, we were just playing around and it looked creepy.
Climbing a tree for a jib shot
Behind the Scenes
In between setups
Isolated location
Shooting scenes in their entirety for each angle. Everyone trying to work out blocking.
This looks like the actor is directing the cam op, but he was pointing towards the cabin out in the woods that involved his scene from the other still posted above shot during blue hour.
Last minute run through of the scene
Back of the house
Home depot halogen work lights and party city fog machine.
The atmospheric title screen in the trailer looks like we killed the lights intentionally for the fade to black, but that was really just tripping the circuit breaker while the camera was rolling. Also, my hair was bleached at the time.