Wesley Cavins

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The Terror Hotel ($ykO, Kandyy!, Haywire, Icky Finale)
Crew Position: All
Prod. Co.: Searing Cinema
Release Date: 10-29-21
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Epic Horror
Rating: Unrated

Notes: A commercial as a fake trailer to showcase characters of a haunt attraction. This commercial acts as a short film in that it ties the storylines of the previous 4 short films ($ykO, Icky, Kandyy!, Haywire) together that were filmed that season as short films, but it showcases more of the haunt itself and the rest of the characters.

The style of the commercial lines up with the angle of Sideshow Props approach to a haunt attraction; that it's a "Hollywood style" haunt since they re-use their props and sets from wide release theatrical films for higher production value that normal haunt attractions.

We had no budget, no crew, and non-actors. Once again my film crew friend Katrina worked as camera operator on our biggest night of filming so that I could focus on blocking and wrangling the large group of haunt performers and extras on hand that volunteered.

Shooting at neck break speed, as always, this was shot in short bursts over a couple of weeks. A lot of errors and camera issues, but we were always beyond rushed and there was never enough time to perfect anything.

Plot: The Bellman drives into town, putting the townspeople under his spell and invites the monsters that haunt them to play with them in his hotel of terror.
Tags: #NoBudget, #NoCrew, #NonActors
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Post Production
Making Of / Behind the Scenes
Set Photographer: Tammy Morosko
Adjusting Lights
Watching Playback
Standing in for camera
Green Screen Poor Man's Process
Prepping Transport Chair
Dolly Gripping
Fit too tight
The Terror Horde