Wesley Cavins
Payment Received
Crew Position: Gaffer
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Thriller
Prod. Co.: Polygon Media
Wrap Date: Feb 2018
Rating: R
Position Desc: I worked as Gaffer on this feature in February of 2018. Shot on location in Jackson, MS. Duties included hoisting 6 x 6 frame, building catch light DIY rig, exterior fiilex and leico setups to emulate sodium vapor street lights, poor man’s rig for vehicle interiors. Additionally, rigging 1k ARRI, 300w, single & four bank Kinoflos, Dracast & Flexlight LED’s, as well as practical DMX stage light LED’s.
Plot: A music band traveling to Mississippi for a big audition spends the night in a house from an online vacation brochure, only to find it secretly inhabited by mysterious, deranged figures who want them all dead.
Samuel Monroe Jr. (Tales from the Hood, Menace II Society)
Zach Tinker (The Quarry, American Horror Story '84)
Alisha Mullally (13 Reasons Why)
Daniel Curtis Lee (Glee, Zeke & Luther)
Sabina Chavez (Saved by the Bell, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Becktoria (Westworld)
Michael Williams (Cinematographer)
Katrina Kinder (1st AC)
Zach Lancaster (Sound Mixer)
Gregory Gray (Key Grip)
Behind the Scenes
Thrown in front of the camera again. This time I am the audience. I thought the green tape on my hat would make them cut the shot, but nope.
Samuel Monroe Jr from Tales from the Hood
Zach Tinker from American Horror Story '84
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