Wesley Cavins
Crew Position: Grip & Electric Swing
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Action, Comedy
Prod. Co.: Yellow Film & TV
Release Date: 2021
Rating: R
Position Desc: I worked as G & E Swing (credited as Grip) on set of this union feature in March of 2019. Shot on location in Mobile, AL. Duties included unloading and loading 10 ton plus shorty 40. Assisting Key Grip & Dolly Grip with an array of setups on set and striking. Pre-rigging ND on public street lamps from scissor lift.

Rigging H2 with speedrail for Electric. Rigging camera to picture vehicle on H2 with suction mounts. Assisting Electric with rooftop Skypanel 180s, Condor rigging w/ m40’s m80’s and Skypanel 360, as well as set striking.
Plot: Best friends, Neil and Gilbert start their senior year of high school with high hopes and aspirations. Neil has always fantasized about being cool enough to date his long time crush and Gilbert has always dreamed of being a social media super star.

After what is, by all accounts, a very disappointing and embarrassing first day in school, Neil makes a magical wish to be cool just at the magical moment when the clock strikes 11:11. The next morning, Neil wakes up to a reality that is straight from the comics of his dreams.
Official Web Page:   Yellow Film & TV - Supercool
Jake Short (This is the Year, Dexter)
Miles J. Harvey (The Babysitter)
Damon Wayans Jr. (New Girl)
Iliza Shlesinger ((Netflix Comedian))
Madison Davenport (Black Mirror, Sharp Objects)
Odessa A'zion (Hellraiser '22')
Cory Geryak (Cinematographer)
Laura Nolan (2nd AC B Cam)
Matt DiFranco (Production Coordinator
Burns Burns (Production Designer)
Scott Daniel (Set Decorator)
Dayton Douglass (Leadman), Julie Toche (On-Set Dresser)
Ramsey Smith (Construction Foreman)
Mark Perot (Carpenter)
Michelle Stumpf (Art Dept Coord.)
Brett McInnis (Sound Utility)
Valek Sykes (Special FX)
John Gorman (Gaffer)
Bernie sawyer (Rigging Gaffer)
Walt Martin (Electric)
Thomas Semple (Dolly Grip)
Daniel Abbott (Best Boy Grip)
Jon Coyne (Key Grip)
Jarod Walker (Asst. Location Manager)
Goleman Casting (Extras Casting)
Behind the Scenes
The stars at lunch
Had to tint cruiser lights with ND filter and J-Lar
Cory Geryak, superstar filmmaker and frequent collaborator with Christopher Nolan, checks the lighting
My buddy Walt, rigging the Skypanel 360
From the roof, one building over. Across the street is the temp agency we turned into a bus station for I Still Believe.
Quasi Booklight
Rigging the process trailer on the H2
Popping open the city's streetlamps to wrap the LED with ND filter
Tricky overhead speedrail rigging with spreaders to make the softbox float above frame
Gay rave in a church. Massive LED panels in the background. This was a lot of truss to haul in and out of the church, up and down extremely narrow stairs.
Video village at the house party mansion
Mounting camera directly onto the porsche
H2 trailer rolling out
This was a Finnish production and a Finnish tradition while filming is for the crew to gather and take shots at the halfway point of filming. The director Teppo with the bottle.
J.R., grip zen master
We spent so much time out here (half a day?) for a brief dialogue exchange.
We really opened the manhole. Flying an M40 on a condor above, scorching the street with Apricot gel for sodium vapor color temp.
House pary mansion
DIT, Sound, and Hair & Makeup in the wings
Equipment staging behind the house. Don't forget the time I helped save your ass, Bernie!
This is what I would like to each for lunch on every show from now on.
Pool Bar
Moon box / Skypanel 360 inside giant speedrail softbox (12x?) on the condor.
This rig gave us so much anxiety, we thought it was going to fall onto the house it was so unbalanced.
Walt with the branchaloris, moon box above the house in the background.
This is how high and far the condor reached over the mansion.
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