Wesley Cavins
Hard Matter
Crew Position: Location Manager
Status: Post-Production
Genre: Action, Sci-fi
Prod. Co.: Powell & Price, Wonderfilm
Release Date: TBA
Rating: TBD
Position Desc: I was brought on for Run of Show during Soft Prep to scout, negotiate, and manage the 18 shooting locations along the Gulf Coast for principal photography.

From the 1st production meeting to wrapout I was fighting hard to scout and negotiate the locations used for filming, as well as supervise, manage, and step in for our locations dept on set, in addition to managing dept spend, leading tech scouts, creating and organizing all paperwork & documentation, even during filming, rigging work lighting, driving & organizing location van, coordinating swing locations with city depts, art, set builders, and stunt depts, supervising restoration, keyholding, as well as designing and pitching downtown road closures to city hall during public meeting.
Plot: In a crime plagued future, a power-hungry corporation has issued deadly watches to criminals, forcing them to eliminate each other for freedom, and only one of their own can topple the entire system from within.
Harvey Keitel (The Irishman, Pulp Fiction)
Tyrese Gibson (Fast & Furious, Morbius)
Frank Grillo (Captain America, The Purge 2)
Jacob Artist (American Horror Story, Glee)
Lance E. Nichols (American Horror Story, House of Cards)
Brett Cullen (Joker, Dark Knight Rises)
Trivia: Ray Stevenson, who's final show was Ahsoka for Star Wars / Disney, was replaced at the last minute by Brett Cullen. Brett Cullen does not yet appear in the cast list on IMDb.
Elliott Barker (Production Manager, 1st AD)
Sarah Lancaster (2nd AD)
Filip Vandewal (Cinematographer)
Sterling Andrew Williams (Cam Op A Cam)
Diego Montiel (1st AC A Cam)
St├ęphane Renard (1st AC B Cam)
Thorne Hood (2nd AC B Cam)
Will Loftin (Sound Mixer)
David L. Snyder (Production Designer)
Andrew White (Art Director)
Gus Coto (Set Decorator)
Christopher Heskey (Set Dresser)
Dustin Brantley (On-Set Dresser)
Critter Pierce (Costume Designer)
Desha' (Head MUA, SMFX)
Joshua Spivey (Gaffer)
Walt Martin (Best Boy)
Scott Hanson (Location Manager)
Kaylon Damazio (Transportation Coordinator)
Savannah Belcher (Production Secretary )
Goleman Casting (Extras Casting)
Peter Mullen (Sound Designer)
Tom Russbueldt (Mixing Engineer)
Behind the Scenes
Location Scout
Dept Table Read
Leading Tech Scout
Special FX Day
Swanky Location
EXT. Night Club
INT. Night Club
Securing lots for basecamp
Producers & Cast
Director / Producers & Cast
Pitching Downtown Closure to city council at city hall meeting.
1st AD checking DIT
The Downtown Closure
INT. Nightmare Location
EXT. Nightmare Location
I usually get thrown in front of the camera for whatever reason. This time I am a dead futuristic soldier.
Rain Tower Night
Location Dept Grip Truck Office
Final Night of Principal