Wesley Cavins
PROD: Terror on the Coast - Season IX • SET: INT. Haunted Kitchen (2023)
Progress Photos

The set was built against 2 existing rooms, one being the devil's office from the show 'Preacher' on AMC.

The giant purple cloth draping down is from the NOLA Super Bowl. It blocks light and dampens sound.

The checker flooring is uneven because I was forced to change directions mid-painting because the ceiling molding was considered more important at the time. Not my idea.

The island table has been in the haunt in different rooms since the first season.
Alternate Designs

Optional Area 2: The walls are angled out in this illustration to fit a different area that was also a candidate for the build out. This optional area was larger than the final area selected, so the Ice Chest was removed and fridge moved / rotated to accomodate the physical space

Optional Area 2: The existing space to be replaced - Haunted Toyroom

Optional Area 2: Alternate Theme Design - Haunted Morgue

Optional Area 2: Alternate Theme Design 2 - Haunted School
Floor Plan

Note: Designed to Scale for existing space.
Marketing Photography

Featuring Chef Merrill, the cannibal chef.

This was prior to final scenic distressing.
Commercial Shoot

A faux episode of "Cannibal Cooking" as a commercial.