Wesley Cavins
I Still Believe
Crew Position: Set Dresser
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Biography, Drama
Prod. Co.: Kevin Downes
Release Date: March 13, 2021
Rating: PG
Position Desc: I worked as run-of-show Set Dresser on this feature in May & June of 2019. Shot on location in Mobile, AL. Duties included transport, pickups, & returns of set dec & set dressing from locations in Atlanta, News Orleans, and Mobile, including All About Props (GA), RJR Props (GA), Sideshow Props (LA), NOLA Props (LA), to and from the production warehouse. Unloading, loading, assembling, and organizing set dec & set dressing.

Dressed multiple sets in multiple locations, including multiple rooms and areas at main hospital set, art museum, ball park, main residential home set, outdoor festival stage, indoor arena stage, apartment, beach wedding. Additionally, installed hospital chapel ceiling lights featured in trailer, converted temp agency into bus station on main street in downtown Mobile, AL.

I loaded, moved, assembled, placed, or packed set dressing in the background of almost every set in the movie. I've added notes below to the stills and accompanying making-of photos to match the stills further down.
Plot: Based on a true story, Jeremy Camp becomes an aspiring Christian singer and songwriter, he soon falls in love with Melissa. The two get married, but tragedy strikes for the newly-weds when Melissa's cancer comes back and she succumbs to her illness.

Jeremy becomes grief-stricken over losing the love of his life, he soon learns that suffering doesn't end someone's life, but it strengthens it. Jeremy becomes renewed with hope again and he decides to honor his late wife's legacy.
Official Web Site:   I Still Believe
K.J. Apa (Riverdale)
Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland, Scream 4)
Gary Senise (Forrest Gump, Apollo 13)
Shania Twain
Nathan Parsons (The Originals)
Abigail Cowen (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
Scott Lumpkin (Exec Producer)
Alex Capaldi (UPM)
Kristopher Kimlin (Cinematographer)
Diego Montiel (1st AC A Cam)
Joseph T. Garrity (Production Designer)
Elle Langford (Art Director)
Leonard Spears (Set Decorator)
Dayton Douglass (Leadman)
Julie Toche (Gang Boss)
Robert Kurtzman (SMFX)
Sara Oliver (Set Dresser)
Will E. Drummond (Propmaster)
Alfred Ward (Set Dresser)
Mark Perot (Construction Coord.)
Walt Martin (Electric)
Brandon Goertz (Location Manager)
Jarod Walker (Asst. Location Manager)
I had to angle this mirror with a paper ball behind the top right corner.
I put photos in each frame and hung each frame.
I loaded this couch & furniture into the living room.
The temp agency we turned into a greyhound station. See progress photos further down.
Edge of the nightmare foosball table that is briefly seen.
We loaded in transport cases onto the stage like roadies.
We made a mad dash to hang these heavy duty exterior string lights that appear in a couple of scenes at this location.
Had to strike this set.
Had to move so much furniture in this library for this set.
Spent a half(?) day here setting up tents, pennant flags, kids arts & crafts tables, soccer net, and giant heavy wooden picnic tables that were moved around multiple times for camera.
All the light post banners on campus had to be switched.
I hung the Capital Records sign in the background with our production designer, along with the fake concert posters.
I don't remember how much work I did on the dorm room, but I definitely had to strike it.
The other side of Jeremy's room. I put up posters, placed lamp, draped jacket over the chair.
The monitor screens were just printed graphics on paper.
The vending machines and couch I mention further down.
This fake window / wall is pictured further down. Blown out exposure for daytime, backlit matte banner of buildings to make the room look like they are on a higher floor.
I mounted the syringe disposal on the wall in the background.
A different angle on the room above.
The vending machines were apparently specific to the true story; a moment where Jeremy buys a candy bar as part of the big reveal in the church chapel below.
I installed the star lights in the drop ceiling, but not the draped ones hanging down loosely. More details further down.
Another angle of the stairway photo frames and the corner hutch I had to fill with glass dinnerware.
More details further down, but I was tasked with arranging the guitar rack in the foreground. Just not the hero / action prop guitars.
Fake MRI machine, fake MRI room. Behind the scenes photo further down.
We had to dress and strike this massive room and they used 2 tight angle shots.
We had to put up everything seen on the walls in the hospital hallways in every scene.
We had to install and mount all hospital room equipment.
Wedding truss that I helped dress, flower vases I had to fill with obsidian(?) We had to weight down the column bases. We had to sweep the sand, set out all the chairs, and measure chair placement precisely.
We had to spend hours scraping gunk off the window after we pulled down the board covering it so camera could shoot through it. This was actually shot at iheartradio.
Bungalow photos further down, but this was all that could be seen in the film after all the work we did on it.
The nurses station in the film, progress photos further down.
Returning from honeymoon, photos further down.
Fake window wall mentioned above, this is night mode.
Different angle from nurses station where we arranged lounge chairs.
So much time and effort was put into this set, filmed in an actual cemetery, and again, they only used 2 very tight brief shots.
Main character's bedroom, more details below.
Stairway photo frames with Gary Senise!
This set was a huge day, but they also filmed this again at an actual music festival, and I can't tell if they used VFX to blend the footage together or if they just scrapped 1 full day of production entirely in favor of the other.
Loading transport cases on stage.
Trailer Stills
I hung this painting but this shot didn't make it into the film.
Note the mirror off angle from the wall.
I assembled that lamp and placed it there, but the scene was cut from the film.
Trailer title screen
Behind the Scenes
We turned a temp agency into a greyhound bus station for a 45 second scene. Featuring Elle Langford, Art Director.
I drove the scissorlift down the street and into place because I was the only one who knew how. Fun fact: I also worked on the feature film that shot across the street at the church where we filmed a gay rave inside the church.
My mobile office in the Art truck. I did not know Abigail Cowen was in this film at the time.
Beach Work Attire
They made us sweep the sand. I'm not joking. It was 1000 degrees.
There was a broken piece of TV glass mixed into one of the flower vases.
MRI room built in the hospital lobby. All of the hospital sets were in an empty side of the hospital as hospitals are notoriously difficult to get permission to film in.
This room was empty when we started.
Faux window wall. Backside Progress
Backside rigging. My buddy Walt in the back. We've worked on 3(?) films together.
Frontside. Fake background of nearby buildings.
I rocked these period accurate vending machines into place and polished them. Pushed the couch into place. Our leadman had to buy a large appliance dolly.
This entire area had to be built and dressed. It was empty.
Final Stage
Different angle
EXT. Fake room
INT. Fake room
The hospital chapel had to be built in one of the entryways.
Progress. Pews traveled in.
Leadman installing sconce raceway / conduit
Once it was clear that installing the star lights in the drop ceiling was breaking everyone's brain, I had to take over and install them.
The only pic I managed to take at the university? That location was a lot of fast work. The edge of this foosball table that was a nightmare to deal with shows up in one of the 1st act shots.
Main character's bedroom. Dressed about half of it. Lamps, bed, breakable mirror, posters, and loaded in dresser that takes beating with an acoustic guitar.
Inflatable on standby to light the red painting I hung that only appears in the trailer.
We dressed the living room and bedrooms in this house and I don't remember seeing them anywhere in the movie. Deleted scene maybe?
Said bedroom
Same bedroom, different angle
The couples apartment scene after they get back from vacation.
Production warehouse
The hospital chapel had to be built from scratch in one of the entryways.
The bungalow they stayed at on vacation. Full dress. Had to wire bamboo divider together. I think 10% of this room can be seen during that scene. It was my last day on set!
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