Wesley Cavins

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Crew Position: Everything
Prod. Co.: Searing Cinema
Release Date: 10-15-21
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Horror
Rating: Unrated

Notes: A short film as a commercial that I wrote, directed, produced, shot, and edited to showcase a character that I created for a haunt attraction.

We had no budget, no crew, and non-actors. I fabricated Haywire's straight jacket, muzzle, and razor glove, an obvious nod to Freddy Kreuger. We grabbed any friends we could to throw in front of the camera. One night prep, one shoot, one night strike.

We used leftover set dressing from Underwater (2020) (starring Kristen Stewart) to pad the wall for the 'observation room.' I was able to use the set dressing because I was part of the team that wrapped part of the set for the film out from the soundstage it was filming (a gutted Sam's Club.)

All of the sets except for the bedroom and hospital exterior were at the same location, where I pre-rigged as much lighting as possible so that we could shoot at a rapid pace under tight time contraints.

Plot: After surviving the attack of Kandyy! the psycho clown and her carnival barker partner, the survivor begins to see the clown when no one else does as she is subjected to brutal therapy sessions conducted by a corrupt institution with nefarious intentions. With the help of her imaginary enemy turned ally, she plots her escape.
Tags: #NoBudget, #NoCrew, #NonActors
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