Wesley Cavins

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Icky's Arcade
Crew Position: All but Cinematographer
Prod. Co.: Searing Cinema
Release Date: 8-17-21
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Mascot Horror
Rating: Unrated

Notes: A short film as a commercial to showcase a character of a haunt attraction.

We had no budget, 1 crew, and non-actors. Use of the arcade location was a cross promotion. The dad also played Icky.

Camera extraordinaire Katrina Kinder drove over from New Orleans to run camera for this shoot.

We were shooting at neck break speeds, as we could only shoot after the arcade/bowling alley opened for staff but we wanted to wrap before they opened to the public.
I shot the car driving interiors and arcade exteriors on a seperate night.

Plot: Kids beg their parents to go to Icky's Arcade after seeing a commercial on their tablet. While the kids play in the arcade, the parents sit at the bar and gossip about the arcade's staff member that went insane while playing Icky the Mascot.
Tags: #NoBudget, #1Crew, #NonActors
Crew: Katrina Kinder (Cinematographer)
Now Playing
Post Production
Making Of
Worn out Mouse mascot helmet

Helmet progress, adding LED eyes and teeth

Teeth colored, helmet finished

1st Fitting / helmet restoration progress

Roughing helmet fur on

2nd fitting