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Kandyy! (Part 1)
Crew Position: All, except H&M
Prod. Co.: Searing Cinema
Release Date: 9-4-21
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Clown Horror
Rating: Unrated

Notes: A short film as a commercial to showcase a character of a haunt attraction. This project was brought to life when Mariah sent me her script and I was inspired to adapt into what it became. (Scroll to bottom to read her version.)

We had no budget, no crew, and non-actors. We filmed the circus set sequence inside the haunt attraction, with props and set dec from American Horror Story: Freakshow. I dressed the set with cheap party supplies but I dressed the room originally years ago when I also hung the circus curtain on a pully rope to draw it open from both sides at the same time.

Shooting at neck break speed, as always, we shot most this all in one night. First at a playground down the road, then in the circus room. We only shot the bedroom nightmare shots on a different night.

Plot: A group of friends hanging out at a playground at night are attacked and abducted. Waking up in a nightmarish circus, they're forced to be the audience of Kandyy!'s circus show and forced to have fun against their will.
Tags: #NoBudget, #NoCrew, #NonActors
Now Playing
Post Production
Making Of / Behind the Scenes
Adding Spotlight

Adding Film Lights

Adding Set Dressing

Lighting Setup

Lighting Setup w/ Set Dressing

Testing Walmart Workshop LED lights vs KinoFlo 4ft 4 bank Fluro, to run off car inverter before I had portable power stations

The daisy-chained Workshop LED array as playground street light

Makeup Tests

Character Evilution

Costuming the Carnival Barker

Behind the Scenes: Videos
Motion Graphics Tests
The Screenplay
The Adaptation

Original Version by Mariah