Wesley Cavins

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The Camp Nightfall Massacre
Crew Position: Everything
Prod. Co.: Searing Cinema
Release Date: 10-06-22
Status: Now Playing
Genre: Grindhouse Slasher
Rating: Unrated

Notes: A fake trailer for a non-existant feature film as a commercial that I wrote, directed, producer, shot, and edited that showcases a character of a haunt attraction.

We had no budget, no crew, and non-actors. I built the killer's helmet from scratch and designed & printed the camper's school uniform shirts and missing posters. We grabbed any friends we could to throw in front of the camera. One day scout, two night prep, two night shoot, one night strike.

There are some glaring camera mistakes with overexposure and focus issues, as well as audio issues. I had just bought the camera and had not refined my one-man operator procedure yet for reliably setting focus and exposure manually on a moving gimbal. The external monitor delivery had been delayed significantly, and the sound guy lined up for the shoot fell thru so we had to record audio direct to camera.

I was also shooting at neck break speeds, as always, with multiple location moves of 20+ people each trip throughout the night, while transporting lighting, costumes, and camera equipment. Under a rain tower, in the mud, covered in fire ants. And I had not slept leading up to the shoot because I was racing to finish the killer's helmet, costume the night before without sleep.

Plot: When an area of forest is cleared to build an all girls summer camp night school, the student campers begin to suspect that the mysterious disappearances surrounding the school campground are not a coincidence.
Tags: #NoBudget, #NoCrew, #NonActors
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Post Production
Making Of / Behind the Scenes
Rain Tower
Location Scout
Lighting Pre-rig & Set Dressing
The Script
Many fire ants were harmed in the making of this short motion picture.