November 24, 2012

Beast Mode

Having put off the public side of my production company’s website for as long as possible, it has now been upgraded from a micro site to a fully functional site. The first set of news entries are updates focusing on each aspect of the production company’s progress. Also added are the first images from the films in development that were quietly and informally announced during the update. If you look close enough, you might find some easter eggs hidden throughout …


May 31, 2012

A Tale of Twin Cities

After a chain of events following November that lead me back across the country, I’ve dropped anchor in Minneapolis, MN, while continuing active development on my first major feature film production. Currently, development is resuming where it was put on hold last Nov, in the budgeting phase. As it is a major production, there is still a mountain of work before the greenlight starts glowing. Oh, and waiting… and more waiting… and then more waiting after that :P In the …


May 31, 2012

Searing Cinema O.P.S. v2.0

All of the work over at Searing Cinema has been going on behind closed doors over the past two years, with only a banner and login to greet visitors to the site. At the beginning of the summer, the film production company’s intranet received a much needed upgrade. While the public side of the site expanded only slightly, with further expansion plans in progress, here is a peek at Searing Cinema’s new Online Production System that we will continue to …

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